Pool Running Costs

As well as the initial cost of a swimming pool build, you may also want to consider the running costs of your finished pool.  This can be broken down into the cost of chemicals to keep the swimming pool clear and safe to swim in, as well as heating the pool.  Generally, swimming pool chemicals will cost in the region of £100 – £250 per year, depending on your swimming pool size, use and water evaporation.  The main running cost is heating your pool.  In reality, it is very difficult to give you a definitive cost as there are so many variables affecting this.

The main factors that affect the heating costs of your swimming pool are:

  • The thermal qualities of the swimming pool – dependent on type of construction and extent of insulation used
  • Water table
  • Whether it is an indoor or outdoor pool
  • Which pool cover you use
  • Positioning of the swimming pool in relation to gaining heat from the sun
  • The type of heater you choose
  • Fuel costs are dependent on which method of heating is chosen

An example of typical costs

Even with the best insulation, a swimming pool loses heat continually, therefore, there will be heating costs on an ongoing basis whilst the swimming pool is in use.  To give you a rough idea of costs, we have estimated the heating costs,  as per the example below, based on heating the pool from the end of May to the end of September. Please note that this is a very rough estimate only to give an idea of the difference between different heating types, and should not be taken as a quote:

Pool Type: In-ground, outdoor swimming pool with no insulation
Build: Block and Liner construction, flat-bottomed,  with good quality pool cover.
Size: 24ft x 12ft, 52” deep (7.2m x 3.6m, 1.3m)

  • Heat Pump* – £650
  • Gas – £460
  • Oil – £700
  • Electricity – £2000

*Heat Pumps are powered by electricity, however, due to their increased efficiency are a lot cheaper to run.

Reducing your heating costs

Heating costs can be significantly reduced by considering your swimming pools energy efficiency carefully at the design stage.  If you already have a swimming pool, there are many products that could increase its energy efficiency.  At Oasis Swimming Pools in Kent, we can discuss the options and look at the costs versus the savings in energy consumption with you.  If you are interested in finding out how to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your swimming pool, or are planning on having a swimming pool installed and want to ensure it is as efficient as possible, why not speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff today? Call us on 01304 619 705, or get in touch.