Choosing the Right Swimming Pool

It can be confusing when you’ve decided you’d like a swimming pool but don’t know where to start.  Not only are there are many different methods for constructing swimming pools, there are a wide variety of materials which can be used in their construction. There are so many things to consider; do you require an above or below ground swimming pool, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and what colours and surrounds are you looking for? In fact, there are so many options and decisions to make that without the guidance of a company like Oasis Swimming Pools Kent, you could find the whole process overwhelming, potentially impossible.

Our team at Oasis will happily take the time to guide you through all the options available to you. Read more about your choices below or view our pool comparison table.

In-ground Concrete Pools

Oasis Swimming Pools Kent | Natural PoolsThe most deluxe option available, our in-ground concrete pools are a beautiful and luxurious way to complete your garden or conservatory, adding substantial value to your home. We are able to install these pools indoors or outside, for exercise or recreation. Whatever your needs, this option is the most bespoke, and we can create any shape for this pool, finishing in tiles or rendering and painting. our well-built concrete pools are highly durable, offering the longest life expectancy. Read more about our tiled or painted in-ground concrete swimming pools.

Price Range: £145,000+

Vinyl-Liner Swimming Pools

Oasis Swimming Pools | Vinyl-Liner Swimming PoolsOur vinyl-liner swimming pools are the next tier down, in terms of cost and are a fantastic option for people who want a custom swimming pool to enhance their home. Built with a traditional blockwork and liner method of construction, these are excellent pools set in out to your exact specifications. You can choose from a off-the-peg vinyl liner or a premium, on-site welded liner, depending on your budget. Read more about our vinyl-liner swimming pools.

Price Range: around £40,000+

Wooden Swimming Pools

Oasis Swimming Pools Kent | Wooden Swimming PoolsDue to their popularity, there are many excellent wooden pools made in the UK and Europe available on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Because of this, the price can vary greatly, depending on how complex your design, whether it’s in-ground or above, or whether you have features like a natural pool or “vanishing edge”. Wooden pools are an excellent way to establish how often you will use a swimming pool before the outlay of a more expensive concrete pool. Many wooden pools come in kit form for an easier DIY build, for those of you looking to build your own pool. Read about our wooden swimming pools.

Price Range: £2,450 – £15,000

Intex Metal-Frame and Easy Set Pools

Oasis Swimming Pools Kent | Intex Easy Set PoolThese are the base level above ground pools available for those with a small budget who are looking for some fun for a summer or two. They are extremely easy to set up on a summer’s day, and easy to store away come winter. You can always upgrade to a wooden pool or more if you enjoy the experience. Available to purchase from us from our sister site, Oasis Pool Products. Prices vary depending on the size you choose. Read more about our Intex pool range.

Price Range: £60 to £500

Our Pool Comparison Guide

Price Guide£145,000 +£40,000 +£2,450 - £15,000£500 - £5,000£59 - £500
Outdoor InstallationYYYYY
Indoor InstallationYYYYY
Any Size/ShapeYY---
Tiled FinishY----
Natural Pool DesignYY---
Painted FinishY----
Marbelite FinishY----
On-site Welded Liner-Y---
Vinyl Liner-YYYY
Floor ConfigurationAnyAnyFlatFlatFlat
DIY Installation Possible--YYY
Installation by Oasis YYYYY
Built-in stepsYY---
Drop-in Steps/LadderYYYYY
Diving BoardY*Y*---
Underwater LightsYYYYY
Salt chlorinatorYYYYY
Natural Pool FiltrationYYYY-
Natural Sanitiser-----
Swim JetYYY--
Automatic CoverYY---
Automatic CleanerYYYY-
Telescopic EnclosureYYYYY

Of course, cost is paramount. You may wish to have a beautifully landscaped, tiled swimming pool with a natural stone surround, a 2.5m deepend with a diving board and a lovely flight of steps down from the patio into the water on which to sit and enjoy your wine and the family. But,  if you find your budget cannot stretch to cover all of these options, then at Oasis Swimming Pools, we can work with you to figure out what is most important to you, where to make compromises, covering all methods of construction and materials, then provide an ideal solution closer to what you want but at a lesser cost.

We can make your dream a reality within your budget, so please get in touch now or call us on 01304 619 705 and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff about your requirements.