DIY Swimming Pool Kits

If you enjoy DIY, a swimming pool kit may be a great idea for your next project. If you have reasonable DIY construction skills, building your own swimming pool is possible with support from Oasis Swimming Pools in Kent. We not only provide DIY swimming pool kits for you to purchase, but can provide technical support to you whilst you carry out pool construction, as well as carry out complex tasks you don’t feel up to, such as design of the flow and return of the pool water.  When undertaking a DIY swimming pool project, talk to us and we can help you decide the level of our involvement and the costs involved. The following swimming pools are available as DIY Swimming Pool Kits:

It should be noted that some of the tasks specific to the pool and plant, may require skills and knowledge above and beyond any DIY enthusiast, such as installation of the liner,  and at Oasis Swimming Pools, we can provide you with any services you require. You can get in touch or call us today on 01304 619 705